Influence Ft. Koza Jewelry

Timur Koza - Founder of Koza Jewelry

Timur Koza is a entrepreneur and jewelry fanatic who uses Current to support his venture and active lifestyle. Last week we had the chance to sit down with Timur to learn more about Koza and see what's in store for 2016. 


If there is anything Timur knows how to do, it's grind. After graduating college in 2010, Timur pursued a career in finance and worked tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder. However, in 2014 Timur left the finance world to pursue a much greater passion - jewelry. Now, after nearly two years of prototyping and developing a flawless collection, he is prepared to launch Koza Jewelry.

Koza is a speciality jewelry company for men with industrial inspired designs. Timur fuses his designs with diamonds, fine leathers, and metals to create his pieces. 

Timur was attracted to the Current Influence Backpack because it supports his hectic lifestyle. As a young entrepreneur constantly designing new product, meeting with retailers, and managing a complex supply chain, Timur doesn't have time to sit around and wait for his devices to charge, and he can't afford to have them die when he needs them most. With Current, he can make it through a whole day without having to worry about finding an outlet to charge his devices.

2016 is a big year for Timur and Koza. Having just completed his first collection, he plans to begin selling online and to boutique retailers on Los Angeles.

Visit and follow @kozajewelry on Instagram to follow Timur's progress in 2016.