Current Bag Co.’s Classic Backpacks With Chargers

In the summer of 2017, Current Bag Co. is introducing its newest and most refined backpack collection.  The Current Classic is a new and improved, high performance series of backpacks designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.  With a unique aesthetic that is made from a combination of high quality materials, the Current Bag Co. backpack has everything you can ask for from an everyday carry.

The exterior of the Current Classic is made of premium nylon and has a polyurethane coated bottom.  The Current Classic is also a water resistant backpack, making it ideal for any journey rain or shine.  In developing the Current classic we felt it important to complement the technical aspects of the bag with highly functional unique elements that would enhance the user’s overall experience.  The backpack also have a number of real leather accents and steel zippers to improve strength and durability. 

All of Current Bag Co.’s backpacks have mobile charging capabilities and are designed to offer people backpacks with mobile and tablet chargers in them.  Backpacks that charge your phone and tablet are critical to satisfy the needs of modern individuals.  We are excited to say that backpacks with chargers inside of them are becoming increasingly more popular in modern day life.  Every Current Classic backpack is equipped with a 10,000mAH Capacity mobile and tablet charger inside of them.  This charging backpack can charge your iPhone for 48 hours and your tablet for 10-14 hours.

The Current Bag Co. Classic mobile charging backpack comes in a number of different color schemes: Midnight, Cobalt, Desert and Cardinal.  These color schemes derive their naming pattern from elements in nature.  Nature is the guide from which Current Bag Co. derives design inspiration and we affirm the notion that form should follow function. 

At Current Bag Co. We are firm believers that our bags are designed as tools to inspire individuals to move forward in their everyday life, because in the end of the day, it’s not about the bag, but rather, what’s put in the bag that counts.

Pre-order your Current Classic today.